Sunday, January 4, 2009

Back in Cambridge...

My bus made it back to Boston on time, despite its best efforts to be late. (Long story.)

I decided to clean my desk, which I do maybe once a semester. To detail all of the interesting things I found would take way too much space, so I'll just pick one category of objects: cards. You may extrapolate the general randomness of things I found from this set. Here is a list of odd cards and card-like things that I found on my desk:

5) Juror card from September, 2008 at the Malden District Court. (I was Juror #3.)

4) The Visa Check Card that I "lost in an ATM" a month ago.

3) ID card, still in the sealed envelope, for the "internship" I had in 2008.

2) Business card of the Technical Content Specialist of Twin Cities Public Television.

1) Boat Owners Association of America membership card and $20 gift certificate to West Marine.

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