Saturday, April 2, 2011

Twitch Cam

Apparently, my confused little robot Twitch, Jr. is a star on Japanese's been on three different shows. (Part of the MITERS Japanese TV blitz of 2011.) But Twitch recently found its true calling in life,which is not to be in front of a camera, but rather underneath one:

Not only does it look freaking epic, but it also performs exceptionally well. The extra weight of the large camera keeps all four wheels on the ground and damps a bit of Twitch', twitchy...acceleration. And since it's a (piecewise) holonomic robot, it can track in and out, side to side, or pan. Or it can switch to full holonomic mode and do all three. Here's Twitch frolicking in its newfound favorite mission:


I'll post the on-board video when I get it (not my camera, obviously). So, the next step is to build a pan-tilt rig on top and then Surveillance Twitch will be complete...coming to an HVAC duct near you.

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