Friday, June 1, 2012

4pcb Instructable

I finally got around to creating an Instructable for my PCB Quadrotor. 4pcb is a "low-level" build, perfect for people who don't like black-box components and want to do everything from scratch. But it's also simple to put together and Arduino-based for easy coding. I'd love to see a swarm of them flying around some day, but I really want to see derivative designs, like a hexrotor version!

I've updated the documentation on my own 4pcb page to redirect to the Instructable as the primary source of information for how to build it.

In other news, Talon hexrotor!

For $75, you get about $300 worth of carbon fiber and machined aluminum parts that fit together into a 625mm hexrotor. I won't be doing much with it for a while, since I have to get my huge hexrotor flying with custom ESCs, but I couldn't pass up the deal.

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